ArcTexPat Series Statement

I fall in love with a city by walking it's many streets, some winding, some perfectly aligned, taking in each architectural detail, shapes, forms, colors, smells, and history. None of its language is unintentional, the architects, artists, designers, city planners, merchants, denizens, et al. have brought intention and thought, to the creation and individual character of their city.

There is serendipity: the ever mercurial shifts of light and temperature, time passing, seasons changing, nature providing the unknown by its own insuppressible force, unintentionally illuminating the everyday landmark into an ephemeral treasure. 

My great grandfather designed and hand painted wall paper (amongst other things) as a way to survive when he arrived in San Francisco from Guernsey. I often wonder if he let the environment inform every stroke he made on fabric or paper; I will never know.

The tradition and necessity of translating the complexity of the senses into an abstract or representational form, a repeating theme that is "of that place", much like the concept of terroir, or even a family crest, is an unrelenting and a lifelong vocation. 

I create these patterns by photographing the landmarks, the details and create new stories by arranging and manipulating the images. The images will eventually be printed on fabric so that one may wear, or carry with them, a piece of a city they have visited, lived, loved, lost, as a sort  of textile perfume to carry on the body as a moving installation of terroir, enchantment and memory. 

It is my greatest wish to visit as many cities on the planet as possible, creating from the history of each design legacy; honoring the soul of these places we call home.